Basic Stock Recipe: Leftover vegetables and other scraps that can save you some money

Alternate title: Stock so rich it can buy you, your friends, and that club.

It’s rare that I use up all of the ingredients that I buy whenever I cook at home. More often than not, I would end up with half an onion or a few sticks of celery left over from the recipe. Luckily, these vegetable scraps and any other bones or shells would actually make a delicious stock that you can keep in your freezer for future use!

Some leftover vegetables I found lying around. These three are the main vegetables I put whenever I make a vegetable stock.

Note: For this batch of stock, I used the prawn shells from last week’s gambas for a flavorful shrimp stock.

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Gambas al Ajillo: Building flavors to complement rather than overpower the traditional

One mention of gambas here in the Philippines would usually bring to mind images of shrimps in a deep red-orange sauce (that’s usually more sweet than spicy) with some bellpeppers and onions thrown in for good measure. In some cases, this even comes in a smoking hot sizzling plate. Personally, I’m not a fan of this style of gambas mainly because the shrimps tend to come out overcooked and all the flavors that are added in the dish just overwhelm the subtle taste of the shrimp.

What you’ll see when you search for “gambas” in Google.

My preference for gambas is to have it as gambas al ajillo, shrimps in garlic to put it simply. Traditional recipes I have seen make use of just four ingredients outside of your basic salt and pepper seasoning: Shrimps, olive oil, garlic, and chili. The dish, as you would expect, lets the shrimps shine with none of the other flavors getting in the way. My take on this though adds a few more ingredients that work to elevate the shrimp flavor even more than just having your basic ingredients.

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My Father’s Day shrimp and lemon risotto

The shrimp risotto paired with the Weak Ender V3.0
The shrimp risotto paired with the Weak Ender V3.0

My dad requested for a shrimp risotto for our Father’s Day family lunch. I was more than willing to oblige since this is something that I have done previously and I already have a pretty good idea of how my dad wants his risottos. This time around, I wanted to let the photos do more of the talking for me. I think this is especially useful for risottos and pasta since colour really plays a huge part in the dish and most of the time, I find myself making on the spot adjustments based on how the dish is looking.

(Also, do scroll down to the very bottom for the recipe for the version 3.0 of the Weak Ender.)

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