Chip and Ice Wedding (April 17, 2015)

Chip and Ice Wedding-156

It’s been a while since I last posted here! The past few weeks have been very busy! Finally got myself to type out a quick entry to share some of the photos that I took during my neighbor’s wedding over at the¬†Quezon province here in the Philippines.

Their wedding had two “parts”. The church ceremony was held in Lucban, Quezon, around three and a half hours away from Metro Manila. Right after the church wedding, everyone made their way to Mauban, Quezon, a good 30-minute drive away to take the short bangka trip to Cagbalete island. This was where they held the second part of the wedding. I won’t really delve into the details but I do hope that the photos can paint a good picture of the weekend island wedding!

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Pepe and Dani’s Awesome Mix

Pepe and Dani's Awesome Mix 028

So last Saturday, we had the very first wedding for our generation of the family. It just so happened that the one getting married is the third youngest among us cousins. She also happens to be the closest of the cousins to me which made the evening even more special.

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