I guess an introduction would be necessary.

I’ve spent most of my 26 (almost 27) years of existence in Manila. Only four of these were spent living in another country. I started shooting in 2007 when I picked up my very first DSLR to “keep me from missing home too much.” I haven’t really dropped the camera since.

In this corner of the interwebs, do expect to see mostly portraits and food. I love capturing candid moments of people since these are usually what come out looking more real and relatable. For food, it’s the same way. I want to capture it in a way that the viewer can relate to it, as if it came out of their own kitchens. (I guess it helps that I really enjoy playing around in the kitchen whipping up meals for friends and family. I’m just hoping that those who actually eat what I make enjoy it as much as I did preparing them.)

That’s about it. I’ll probably throw some stuff up here from previous shoots and kitchen experiments. Cheers to something new for me! Feel free to enjoy the images! No pressure though.

IG: kipaguirre

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