Halal from the other side: Checking out the street meat from halfway across the world

Halal Guys-2

My friend Jizz and I decided to meet up a few days ago to try out Peperoni Pizzeria, a new pizza shop in the not-quite-open-yet Uptown Mall. Since our other friend that we were planning to meet up with wasn’t going to be in Peperoni, we decided to just check out Halal Guys instead. Now I’ve always heard stories from my friends about how awesome a place Halal Guys was in New York. How it was a stall that you should NOT miss if you find yourself in the Big Apple. Needless to say, much was expected.

A few minutes from leaving the unit and I found myself standing across the street from that bright yellow sign, promising what should be a delicious disposable tray of grilled beef, rice, tomatoes, and lettuce. I see Jizz waiting in front of the stall. The standard greetings are said and we make our way to the counter. “One regular gyro on rice and one coke.” After a few minutes, there was this. “Regular gyro for Kip.” And so it begins.

Halal Guys-1 (Resized)
My order of beef gyro, served in this pretty convenient take-away platter with packets of their white sauce, chilli sauce, and barbecue sauce. Php 369 for this one and an extra Php 30 for a coke.

First thing I did was to rip the cardboard lid off of the container. Initial impression was that it was a pretty hefty amount that even two people could share. Next thing was to taste their chilli sauce that, according to their signs, we should use sparingly. I dipped the tip of my fork in the tiny container. I brought it up for a taste. And found it to be just right so in it went on top of all the meat. By this time all that was left was to squeeze the whole packet of their white sauce on top and start enjoying my meal.

I made sure that my first spoonful had a little bit of everything. First thing I noticed was how tasty the whole thing was. Then I started noticing the meat itself: Good spices, tastes like beef, but what is with that texture? I immediately filled a second spoon up and tried it again, this time paying extra close attention to the meat. There was something off-putting with the texture of the meat. It reminded me of how white meat in roast chicken turns pasty when overcooked, that somehow all the fibres in the meat just fused together into one homogenous mass.

Let’s stop this madness of a post.

Unfortunately, what I enjoyed most about the meal was the chilli sauce. Considering that there are already A LOT of shawarma places in the city, any new player would really have to bring their A-game. For Php 399.00, I expected to get something other than just quantity. Now I feel foolish for thinking that I was late to the whole Halal Guys party when it seems it never even started in the first place.

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