Silantro: Great flavours at a very reasonable price


I took half a day off from work today to get my license renewed. I took this as an opportunity to meet up with one of my friends who worked in the Pioneer area in Mandaluyong. She suggested Silantro and Ba Noi’s for lunch. Since I’ve already tried Ba Noi’s multiple times, I figured that this was the perfect time to try Silantro out!

I’ve always seen photos of my friend’s visits to Silantro. This was actually one of the places in the Kapitolyo area that I’ve been genuinely interested to try out. I was expecting the dishes to be around Php 200 per order so it was a very pleasant surprise when I found out that most dishes cost less than that! That said, I didn’t bother noting the prices of each dish. Good thing there are photos of the menu already shared online! (Note: Some of these prices might be outdated. Case in point, I’m sure the Ligero and Medio prices have already increased so the actual prices are what you’ll see for those.)


Beef Nachos (Php 160)

We started off our meal with an order of their beef nachos. This seemed to be a staple with most of my friends whenever I would see posts of the place. Silantro was pretty generous with their toppings for this! How they added the beef was pretty different as well with the meat sliced into cubes rather than your usual ground beef that’s placed on most nachos. One thing about the nachos that I felt they could have improved on would be the cheese. The cheese looked delicious but once the air conditioning took its toll on it, it quickly hardened and became more like a shell than the gooey topping that I’m sure it was meant to be.

Beneath all that vegetation is the meat.
Beneath all that vegetation is the meat.

Tacos (Ligero, Single meat – Php 75; Medio, Double meat – Php 95, Completo, Triple meat – Php 100)

You are given the choice between soft or hard tacos. I chose to go with two Ligeros for the simple reason that I would want to differentiate between the two different meats. That said, I decided to go with one lamb and one ox tail taco. The flavours were pretty good especially with the addition of their sour cream, cilantro, and chili sauce. Two things I would fault with these is that the tortillas could have been heated a bit better and that there wasn’t much difference between the two meats save for the texture. Do note as well that you have around 6-8 different meats that you can choose from so the Completo is not really kumpleto (complete). Other than that, these were quite delicious.


Beef Fingers (~Php 220)

We ordered this as our main dish. I rarely eat my steak with gravy so I was pretty happy that the sauce didn’t really overpower the taste of the beef. I really liked how the beef was grilled nicely, given its odd shape that would usually be a nightmare to cook in the grill. The taste, again, was great. The texture of the beef left a bit more to be desired. The cut seemed like the pieces that you would trim off a good steak to make sure that you don’t have that much sinew in the meat (Read: That tough to cut thin, white, film-looking part of the steak).

We also had an order each of Dalandan Juice (Php 90). This was nice and refreshing! Perfect for the hot weather we’ve been having recently.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the flavours were pretty good. This is the type of food that I wouldn’t mind eating every now and then. Despite having a few little things that I feel would make a difference in the quality of their dishes, I felt like the taste along with the affordable price point of the dishes are more than enough to offset these. I may have been late to the Silantro party but I am glad that I didn’t pass this up.


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