Kebab place staples: Garlic sauce and Chili sauce
Kebab place staples: Garlic sauce and Chili sauce

My officemate and I have this quarterly bet where the winner will get free meals or snacks every so often from the loser. For the first quarter of 2015, we have kebabs and me as the loser. Last Tuesday, we decided to check out Persiana, a Persian/Middle Eastern restaurant that we usually pass on the way back to Quezon City from work. The place was very simple and quite affordable. I forget the exact prices of the dishes but I’m sure that all the items we ordered were less than Php 200!

Beef Kebab meal
Beef Kebab meal

Beef Kebab Meal

This was pretty good. The beef kebabs had a nice texture to them although I would have preferred more kick in the flavour of the spices. I found it a bit bland for my taste. It goes perfectly with the sauces and the buttered rice though so that was nice.

Chicken Skin
Chicken skin in a Kebab restaurant. Unusual find in their menu but unsurprisingly good.

Chicken Skin

Now this has to be one of the more unusual finds in their menu. I never really expected to find chicken skin in a Persian/Kebab restaurant. I rarely order items that are off from the restaurant’s theme but who could really say no to chicken skin? Chicken skin is basically the bacon of the chicken world. So yes, chicken skin. For sure. Thank you.

Shawarma rice
Shawarma rice

Shawarma Rice

This one looked a bit weird. It looked more like a tapsilog meal than it does a shawarma rice meal. According to my officemate though, it was okay.

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